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Western Area DartsAssociation   

Founded 1989

Photo Gallery


WINTER 2015 WINTER 2015 200426244 DIV 1 WINNERS GUNS'N'ROSES Bryan Kennedy (Capt) Gary Kennedy Steve Gordon Matthew Roberts Trevor Nunn Danny Porter Angela Cornell Trisha Louise 200426238 DIV 1A WINNERS CATTERS Ben Wylie (Capt) Ray Maricic Michael Van Mook Mark Field Chris Small Darren O'Toole Zac Bozic Petar Cetojevic 200426237 DIV 2 WINNERS SEMAPHORE RSL Andy Wadey (Capt) Brad Bell Scott Grant Jacques Wadey Eric Groves Josette Hemlin James Hogben Stuart Whetstone 200426240 DIV 2A WINNERS SEAT-ON BUMS Val West (Capt) Barb Jury Tyrone Hambly Rafe Palmer Shona Lark Roy Palmer David West Jack Hambly 200426239 DIV 1 RUNNERS UP THE COUGARS Damien Chalmers (Capt) Darcy Mobbs Bob Budarick Kody Dodds-Watson Mark Edwards Lindsay Watson Kevin Harding Joe Mobbs 200426235 DIV 1A RUNNERS UP RSL WANDERERS Tony Martin (Capt) Mike Phillips Neil Millard Eugene Lazo Reitz Daryl Freeborn Jim Herron James Herron Jnr 200426436 DIV 2 RUNNERS UP JOLLY MILLER GOLD Graeme Nobbs (Capt) Jed Nethercot Marc Webber Wayne Good Michael Good Annette Jenkins Kent Thompson Ashlea Thomson Ryan Whitfield 200426437 DIV 2A RUNNERS UP RSL JETS Ann Sommerville (Capt) Charlie Caruana Ken Lawrence Lyn Holmes Gail Vahldieck Karen Allen Gerry Paul Anthony Steele Brian Russell 200426438