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Western Area DartsAssociation   

Founded 1989

Photo Gallery

PRESENTATION WINTER 2015 PRESENTATION WINTER 2015 Div 1 Champions Guns'N'Roses 200872036 Div 1A Champions Catters 200872037 Div 2 Champions Semaphore RSL 200872038 Div 2A Champions Seat-on Bums 200872039 Div 1 Premiers The Cougars 200872040 Div 1A Premiers RSL Wanderers 200872041 Div 2A Premiers Wild Cats 200872042 Div 2A Champion Runners Up RSL Jets 200872043 Div 1 Highest Peg Bryan Kennedy 160 200872044 Major A Singles Champion Gary Kennedy 200872045 Minor A Singles Champion Tony Martin 200872046 Minor A Singles Runner Up Mark Davis 200872047 Major B Singles Runner Up Barry Lowry 200872303